Posted: 20.10.2021 12:24

Another “STEM for everyone” project successfully finished

Through our work, we work on helping young people gain entry-level knowledge and experience in the STEM field in the early stages of education. Using this recipe over the years, we have inspired hundreds of students across the country to guide their education in a direction that will bring them a career in the STEM field.

We also make sure that all our success stories have their sequels, and the “STEM for all” project is one of them. Last year, SPARK School held this project for the first time in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, and this year our partners were our friends from the UniCredit Foundation. Both projects focused on the wards of the Public Institution Dječiji Dom Mostar.

Through September and October, 42 residents had the opportunity to learn about programming, robotics, and electronics. During 20 hours of lectures, students developed skills such as critical thinking, communication, information, media and technological literacy, creativity, communication, and social skills through an interactive approach and play.

The first phase of the project included a donation of laptops, which students can use for further education.