Posted: 21.02.2020 12:00

F*ckup Nights Mostar Vol. 6 Held

The sixth F*ckup Nights Mostar was held last night at SPARK, where our three guests shared their f*ckups and that other side of success in front of about 60 visitors.

To remind you, F*ckup Nights is a global movement where people share stories of professional failure – at each event, 3 or 4 speakers share their failure story using 10 images in 7 minutes. Currently, in 300+ cities and over 90 countries, it is the fastest-growing movement for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives on the planet.

Bruno Boksic (freelance content writer at The Predictive Index and Lifehack), Vedran Simunovic (director of INTERA Technology Park), and Alem Kurtovic (manager of Gastro Pub Gonzales) shared their stories of failure during the F*ckup Nights Mostar Vol. 6. We talked about freelancing pitfalls to avoid, the first website and online business in Mostar, and the hospitality and tourism differences between Boston and Mostar.

Event partners include NSoft, Sportradar, Red Bull, and INTERA technology park. Take a look at the photo gallery.